Everyday at work, we face challenges for which we do not have all the answers – leadership challenges, HR challenges, financial decision making, strategic decision making, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had divine guidance and help every step of the way? Wouldn’t it help if we could communicate with God face to face and ask Him to tell us what to do in various work situations?


How to communicate with God in your workplace – Part 1

I love the Bible verse in exodus 33:11 –  ‘The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend’ (NIV). No wonder Moses accomplished all that he did, leading 100s of 1000s of people out of captivity after 400+ years, standing as a single leader against the entire nation of Egypt, which was the most powerful empire of that time. That is what you and me can also achieve if we have God by our side everyday talking to us face to face.

Imagine God sitting right next to your in your workplace, in your cabin, in your office room, in your board room, helping you take decisions, solve problems and create new products/services! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The good news is, it is possible, right now and it need not be a wish or a distant dream.

Today, you and me can experience that practical day-to-day relationship with God. There is nothing from God’s side that is stopping this level of intimacy. He is ready. In fact, that was His original plan right from the day He created us in the Garden of Eden – to work alongside us, to communicate with us, to interact with us and to walk with you and me in the cool of day, everyday. So he is always ready. We are the ones who need to prepare ourselves and get ready to communicate with this living God.

God is a spirit:

To start communicating, we first need to understand the ‘Spirit’ nature of God. In John 4:24, the Bible says “God is Spirit and his worshipers must worship in Spirit and in Truth” (NIV). This essentially means that God exists in a realm or in a form that is different from what we are used to. We are used to seeing things, touching things and feeling things. We interact and communicate with gadgets, people and natural elements that we can see, touch and feel.

But God is a spirit being.

This is the reason many people find it so hard to communicate with God or listen to God. They are unable to comprehend and interact with someone that they cannot see or touch.

You are a spirit:

Here is one key understanding that we will empower you to start connecting with God like never before – You are also a spirit being!

Yes, God made you as a Spirit being, just like Him. We were created as a Spirit being and put inside a human body and were given a human mind to live and accomplish God’s purpose for our life on this earth. When we finish our assignment on this earth, we will leave our human body here and go back to God as a Spirit being.

Remember Jesus’ last word on the cross, after completing his worldly duties? He said ‘Father into your hands, I commit my Spirit’. (If you are interested in reading and understanding more about Spirit, Soul and Body I highly recommend Watchman Nee’s classic ‘The Spiritual Man’. Here is the Amazon link.)

As a spirit being, you are of the same nature and form as God. So, from one spirit being to another, you are fully capable of communicating effortlessly with God.

The only problem is, we are not used to this form on communication.

We read in 1 Samuel 3 how God tries to talk to young Samuel, but he is unable to comprehend the voice of God, simply because he was not used to it. Later Eli had to educate him and teach him how to Listen to God’s voice and communicate with God. So, we all need a bit of practice in this fallen world, where we have lived too long without communicating with our creator, and it might seem a bit strange to get used to the idea now.

…to be continued.

(End of part 1. This post has 2 parts.)

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