I was invited by CMC Vellore to be the speaker for the “General Services Board” members retreat in Bangalore on the 8th & 9th October 2011.

The topic was ‘Work Principles from the Beginning”

We spoke about the ‘Creation of work’ and the strategies that can be derived from the first workplace ever to be created by God. The participants were vibrant, attentive and eager to learn.

As we went through the different modules I could not help but think about the 8000+ strong work force in CMC Vellore and the impact that each one of them had in the Health scenario of this nation by doing their work with the right perspective. This audience that I was addressing were the 100+ board members who controlled the operations on a daily basis.

I pray that CMC Vellore will be continue to grow and serve the people more and more in the days to come, the original purpose with which this massive institution was founded by the great Ms.Ida Scudder and the other missionaries of her day.

I thank God for helping me contribute to this awesome mission in a small way!

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