CMC Vellore had organised a seminar for the senior team members (half-day program). The topic was ‘How to serve people as a Consecrated Community’. The heads of departments were present along with the Director and the senior management team members.

The word ‘Community’ is so powerful. When a group of human beings come together, there is very little that they cannot accomplish! Such is the power of teams & community. So, I was excited at the opportunity to discuss the concepts based on this topic. We spoke about various dynamics of a community and practical ways in which a team can work together and achieve great things, in spite of the differences, challenges and individual preferences in a team.

Everytime I visit CMC & spend time with the team, I can’t help but appreciate & admire at how ‘open’ they are to new perspectives, new ways of doing things, God-inspired wisdom and the amazing humility of the team members (even though, the audience could be one of the most highly qualified & experienced set of people you can assemble in any gathering). Such a privilege to work with this team!

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