During my visit to Brisbane, Australia, I had the privilege of meeting Pastor. SK, who is the leader of a Chinese church (he managers the church apart from his regular job as an Engineer, in a construction company)

It was a great privilege meeting his church members and sharing God’s word with them.

I shared some principles of Work from the Bible and also heard some excellent testimonies – from a church member and the pastor’s daughter, who had just returned from a missions trip.

Jackson & Lucy Seeto (the family that I was staying with in Brisbane) were supporters of this church and they had organised for me to speak there.

In the 3 days of staying with the Seetos in Brisbane, I learned so many important life-lessons from them. It was a joy to chat with Jackson (who is in his 70s) about his life experiences and his walk with God. Though Lucy is quite, there is so much to learn by seeing the way she has raised her children (her son Gareth is a good friend) and the way she loves the Lord with all her heart. What an inspiring life!

Lucy Seeto

Jackson Seeto

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