Welcome to the #AskNatchi show. Today, we are talking about ‘Having less number of followers and yet succeeding on social media’, because this is one question that keeps coming up. People ask, “Does it matter that I don’t have any followers? Somebody else has it. I don’t have it. Will I still be successful on social media? Does it even make sense for me?” Well, absolutely.

The Riches are in the Niches

I first want to tell you two things related to having less number of followers.
No.1 point is the idea of niching down. When you niche down or when you focus on one particular group of people on social media, you will obviously not have a big following. And the way trends are going, around the world we see that organizations that are very laser-focused on who they are trying to reach are succeeding more and more. Their return on investment on social media is much higher. You don’t have to be a solution to everyone. Most of us are not. There are very few organizations that are for everyone. Not all of us are for everyone. We are for a certain group of people. So you need to find out who those people are. That is your tribe. That is your niche. Focus on them. Serve them. And when you do that, your numbers are going to be small. It’s not going to be very large. If you are one of those people, then don’t worry about it. You’re going in the right direction.

Social Networks want you to Succeed

No.2 point about small number of followers is: many social media channels are actually changing and reworking their algorithm to fit this (small number of followers). They’re saying, “Look, having a certain number of followers is not a big deal”. If you follow our stories about news every week, you know we released Top 5 News items every Friday. Last week, we talked about TikTok’s announcement which was about how they recommend videos on their platforms. Have you seen that ‘For You’ recommendation? It’s so absorbing that we’d spend all our day scrolling through TikTok.

Last week TikTok said how they’re making that recommendation. And one of the things that they talk about in that article is, there are 2 things that they DO NOT consider while making recommendations. Listen! The 2 things that they don’t consider, you know what they are? Number of followers and the past success on TikTok! Basically what they’re saying is, “You have a video and another person with a million followers also has a video, now both of you have an equal chance”.

If you structure your content properly, if you create good quality content, if you focus on your audience, use hashtags and all that strategy, both of you stand the same chance. Just because somebody else has more followers, does not give them that much of an edge. They do have some edge because people follow them. Having lots of followers is not a problem, it’s a good thing, you can aspire for it, but having less followers should not stop you from still accomplishing what social media can accomplish for you.

I.A.S. Strategy for Success

Now let’s quickly go to the 3 strategies that I want to give you with respect to having less number of followers. The acronym is IAS – you can remember it easily I.A.S.

#1: I for Integration

I for Integration. Because you have less number of followers, whatever you do on social media, try to integrate it with other channels. Then you can be more successful. For example, email. Send all your content on email as well, and have all your social media links on emails, so that people can follow you, and they can also consume the content. Integrate with other channels like printed material.

Have all the QR codes. If you’re sending out newsletters in a printed form, then you can do that. If you’re saying “who is sending printed material, Natchi” well, you’d be surprised how many people still do prints. Or if you’re doing WhatsApp messages, integrating your social media on WhatsApp. Channels (other than WhatsApp) should have links to them inside your WhatsApp messages. So that people get an idea of what’s going on in other channels, and they can pick and choose their preference. That is integration. Integrate your social media presence with all your other channels, non-social-media channels.

#2: A for Advertising

A for Advertising. If you have some budget, even the smallest of budgets, spend it on advertising, on social media advertising. Because if you have less followers, then you might want to put a little bit of ad budget to help you reach a wider audience. So that’s number two, social media ads could help you grow and be successful even with less number of followers. Today with all targeting options, it’s unbelievable how micro you can get with respect to reaching people. You can be laser-focused with your audience and you can reach the right people and still succeed.

#3: S for Sharable Content

S for Shareable content. Even if you have less followers, if you create content that has that SHARE-ability factor built into it, then guess what? Your less number of followers are going to share it with others. Think about stuff that people can share and start creating that content.

These 3 ninja tips will quickly get you to start growing your social media returns, and also help you grow your followers as you go along. Your followers will not be small anymore. You will soon have more followers coming, and these 3 will get you started. There are other things you could do, but these 3 will definitely get you started. I hope that was useful. Thank you so much for spending your time with me. God bless you. I’ll see you next week with another answer to another question. If you have any questions related to digital social media, then do send it to me. I’ll be happy to answer them. Take care. Stay connected, stay blessed and stay safe. I’ll see you next week. Bye.

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