Hello, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today, I want to talk to you about tracking your social media performance as a ministry. In chapter 11 of my book, The Connected Church, I dedicated an entire chapter for tracking. When I was writing the book and I was talking to some people, they said, “This book is about strategy, why do you want to talk so much about tracking?”

Tracking is part of being a good steward

Well, because I’m a big believer in tracking. I think it’s part of being a good steward. I think God wants us to be good stewards, people who make decisions. God respects us as decision-makers, He wants us to look at the numbers, He wants us to look at the metrics, He wants us to look at what is working, what is not working, and He wants you and me, as a leader of a ministry, to take the right decision based on numbers.

That’s what I strongly believe. So, I spend a lot of time tracking what works and what does not work, both for what I do and also for the ministries and organizations that I consult and work with. Because I think it’s important for us to do that. I list down a lot of (tracking) strategies there (in my book).

Put more effort into tracking & reviewing

But today, what I want to talk to you about is just the effort of tracking. As a leader, please put more effort into tracking. Because many ministries and churches that I see do not give importance to tracking.

They give importance to content creation, because that is where they have been spending time for years, like creating videos, creating images, creating blog posts, or content for the online world, shooting and editing and all that kind of stuff, which is important, which is a core thing. I totally agree. I mean, packaging, content, all that is also something that’s very important. But at the end of it, tracking is also a crucial piece. That is why it’s part of my 6-part SPIRIT framework.

You don’t know what you don’t know

One part is exclusively for tracking because when you don’t know what works, what happens is: ‘you don’t know that you don’t know’! That’s the thing about tracking. You don’t know what you don’t know. So when you track it, you kind of get the hang of what is not working and what is working. Then you can focus more on what is working and you can NOT focus on what is not working. Simple, common sense. But for that, you need to know. And you don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to become a tech guy or a tech person to understand this. You can easily do it by looking at a very few top-level metrics.

Start with a monthly & quarterly review

I just wanted to encourage you today to start thinking about tracking. Think about what kind of review system you have in your ministry. Do you have a weekly review? Monthly review? Quarterly review? These are things you should have. As a minimum, you should have monthly reviews and quarterly reviews. So that you kind of get a hang of things before anything goes wrong in a major way, you can put everything back on track in your social media and your digital world. Highly recommend you do that.

So go back and talk to your team. Talk to your ministry team, talk to your agency, talk to your consultant, whoever you work with as an organization, and see what kind of reviews you’re having, what kind of metrics they are reporting to you, do you have a high level of visibility, are you able to take decisions based on that? Somebody in your organization should be able to do that. Alright?

I just wanted to encourage you with that thought. I’ll see you next week with another thought from the book, until then you stay connected, stay blessed and stay safe. God bless you. Bye.

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