Hello, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today, I want to share with you a few thoughts related to the ‘Noise’ that is there in the social media world. In the very first chapter of my book, The Connected Church, I talk about the evolution in the communication ecosystem. The way we communicate in this world has a few dynamics and I talk about each of them. And one of the things is ‘Noise’. Noise is a very big factor when you consider communicating something with someone.

Noise: Something to be worried about

Today, we all complain… people come to me as a consultant, they talk to me and say, “Natchi, there’s so much noise out there. How do I break through the noise? How do I break through all the clutter and reach my people that I want to minister to, as a church, as a ministry, I want to reach out to certain people and I’m finding it difficult to wade through all this noise. There’s just so much content, with everything being created in the social media and the digital world. And I find it difficult to get through to people”. Well, it is a challenge. I’m not saying no. It is a challenge.

Social Media & Mediocre Content

But one thing you need to understand is, in this noise there is a lot of content which is not in-depth, that may not be life-transforming, so to say. There’s always this 80-20 principle. There’s going to be a very minimal amount of content that has a huge impact. Not every content goes viral. Most of the content… almost nobody sees them, because it’s all very superficial. It’s all created on a regular basis.

People are under pressure to create content. So they have to do it. They keep producing videos every day because they have to produce videos. That’s what they learn and they just do it without thinking about the audience, without having a solid strategy, without working hard on the deliverable, without loving the audience the way they should and be producing the content.

Excellence & Focus to help you STAND OUT

Because of that, listen carefully, people like you, who have all these qualities – people who love your job, you’re passionate about your ministry, you have an in-depth message that can help people, and you work hard in putting it out in a particular fashion… somebody like you WILL stand out. In fact, the noise can actually, in an indirect way, help you stand out!

Because people are watching so much – so many other news items, and shows, and programs, and other things that don’t add value to them, that when they look at your content, they’re going to be like, “Oh, I love this… because this makes a lot of sense, somebody really thought about it, somebody cares for me, somebody loves me, somebody really wants to minister to me and serve me and meet me at the point of my need”. And when people feel that, then they will connect with you and the noise can actually help people feel that. Simply because they are overwhelmed with content that may not be on target. I’m not saying everything is like that, but not much of the content is really focused on a way that it should be, in terms of adding value to people.

Be encouraged. You can make a difference.

So don’t be bogged down. Don’t be pushed down by thinking about the amount of content that’s out there. Yes, it’s a problem. And there are specific strategies to overcome them. Maybe we will do another video on the strategies themselves. But I just want to encourage you today not to be overwhelmed by the noise. The noise can actually help you. Right now, just focus on creating good content, focus on your audience, focus on what they need, talk to them and create content with a lot of sincerity and hard work and focus. Then you definitely will be successful in the social media space.

All right, God bless your ministry. May you be more effective in the days to come. I’ll see you next week with another thought from the book. God bless you. Bye.

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