Hello and welcome to the #AskNatchi show today. We have a very interesting question related to “pulling out of a social media channel”, how to stop working on a social media channel because it’s not producing results.

Sometimes we find that some social media channels might be very popular, millions of people are using it, but it is simply not producing the results that you’re after. So should you stop it? Even though it is a very popular channel, should you keep working on it… or how do you go about making that decision? That’s what this question is all about. And I want to answer it with 3 scenarios in mind. All the three are related to your ministry and your audience.

Scenario #1: No Results + No Audience = Stop

The #1 scenario: It’s NOT working for you and your audience also NOT using that platform. If you ask the question, “Are you using that platform?” and your audience are saying “No”… may be you do a survey or talk to a few people and find out whether they are really using that platform, and you find out that they are not using it. And if it’s also not producing results. Even though it’s a very popular channel, you don’t have to use it. You don’t have to use it because somebody else is using it. It’s not working for you. It’s not helping your audience. So Stop and get out of it. That’s the easiest scenario.

Scenario #2: No Results + Audience = Rework Strategy & Tactics

The #2 scenario: This is a little bit tougher because it’s NOT working for you, but your audience ARE using it very seriously. Lots of people are using it. They’re spending a lot of time. But somehow for you, it is not working as a ministry, it’s not working for you. So you need to now go back, and go back to your drawing board, rework your strategy, your content, try different things. That’s the key – testing. I’ll say that again – testing, testing, testing… that is the secret of social media. Sometimes people say, “Are you an expert?” I say, “I may be an expert, but I call myself an Explorer”, I am more of a explorer than an expert because social media is constantly changing. What worked for you yesterday may not be working for you today. So you need to test and try and, do AB testing and all these things to figure out what is really working.

I would say go back to your drawing board, figure out what you can do differently and try new things. Take a period of time. Let’s say, try new things for two months. And then the next two months. The next two months. Until it works for you. Because your audience are using it and they are on the platform. So it’s your duty to figure out how you can minister to them using that platform. That is scenario number two.

Scenario #3: No Results + No Audience Yet = Keep Pushing

Scenario #3 is a very different one, which you may not have thought of: your audience may NOT be using the platform NOW. It’s NOT working for you. And your audience are NOT Using the platform FOR NOW, but they might be using it tomorrow. There is a potential and a possibility that they might use it tomorrow.

In that case, I would say, ‘Stay with it’. Try to do a minimum, maybe reduce the budget, reduce the campaign budget, ad budget, or content budget for that particular channel, but continue doing things because you see a potential of your audience starting to use this channel after a while.

Those are the 3 major scenarios which could help you decide whether you need to pull out immediately or in the future, or keep working and not pull out at all. Those are the 3 options. Hope that was helpful.

If you have any other questions related to digital & social media, let me know. I’ll be very happy to assist you and help your ministry grow in this digital space. God bless you. I’ll see you next week with another answer to another question. Until then you stay connected, stay blessed and stay safe. Bye.

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