4 things to consider while deciding your posting frequency

Hello and welcome to the #AskNatchi Show, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today, we have a question about posting frequency on social media. Basically, the question is “How much is too much?” on social media when it comes to posting. We get this question often in various forms from various types of organizations. Today I want to give you 4 things that you need to consider while making that decision as a leader.

#1 – Consider the channel in which you are posting

No.1 – Consider your channel. Each channel has its own preference. For example, Twitter takes one to two posts a day very happily, even more. That’s just the way that channel is designed. Whereas if you look at Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn, then you might want to reduce that frequency. Sometimes on Facebook, one to three posts a week is plenty, depending on what type of content you are going for. So consider the channel as one of the key factors when you make that decision about the frequency of post.

#2 – Consider your audience’s threshold or preference

No.2 – Consider your audience’s threshold/preference. Sometimes in the ministry settings, the audience has a higher threshold than a commercial setting. For example, if you like a preacher, if you like a particular type of teacher or a pastor, then you wouldn’t mind listening to them every single day, provided you have the time or if the duration of the message is short.

For example, if you create a 10-minute video for 5 days, a total of 50-minutes, then it’s easy for people to consume it on a daily basis, right? Things like that. So consider your audience’s threshold/preference and find out what they would like. If they want more, give it to them. If they want less, then make that choice accordingly. That is the second factor to consider. After considering the channel, consider the audience’s preference. In fact, they both carry equal weightage.

#3 – Consider the purpose/objective of your content

No.3 – Consider what you want to accomplish using that content. Whatever you are creating – it could be a video or it could be an image or whatever you’re posting on social media, what do you want that particular content to accomplish? Or what do you want a particular set of content to accomplish? Suppose you are posting 5 videos, what do you want them to accomplish? Let me explain it a little bit. Sometimes we put out content as an announcement.

Let’s say you’re coming up with an event and you just want to announce it or just let people know, create awareness. Then you can have a few posts, because that’s not going to be a problem. You are just talking about the event and you can have a few posts going out, just spreading awareness. You are not expecting people to take any action. So even if they see it a few times, that’s OK, because they just look at it and they move on. Right? It’s just being aware of something that’s happening. But if you create content which needs participation for example, if you’re asking people to send you a message or you are asking them to click on something, or you are asking them for registration and so on, then you might want to think twice before making it too frequent, because then that could be annoying for people. And you don’t want to annoy people on social media. You want to keep it easy for them. You want to make it as friendly as possible. They don’t want to look at you as a spammy kind of a ministry where you are just bombarding them with actions and telling them, “Do this, do this, do this”. Not many people will appreciate that unless there is a clear purpose behind that. So think about that as a factor.

The objective with which you send out that particular piece of content or that particular set of content. That is also a big factor to consider.

#4 – Consider the Big Question: Are you adding value?

And finally No.4… this is actually the number one thing. Whether you post every day or you post every week or once in a month. Think about this big question. Are you adding value? That is the big thing. As long as you’re adding value and you know that you are helping your audience, post however long you want to, however frequently you want to, because at the end of the day, you are adding value to your audience. The more you do that, your audience will appreciate it. They won’t mind you posting less frequently or more frequently. They wouldn’t mind it. As long as you are adding value, that’s perfectly fine. So think about that.

There you have it. Those are the 4 things I wanted to share with you. I hope it’s useful. If you have any questions, then do send it to me, I will answer that in this show. I’ll see you next week with another answer to another question and then stay connected, stay blessed and stay safe. God bless you. Bye.

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