Hello, I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today, I want to talk to everyone who is a ‘Single Person (Solo) Social Media Team’ in your organization. I know there are lots of ministries and nonprofits that have just one person handling multiple things on social media.

One-man-show in churches and nonprofits

Because as far as the organization is concerned, it’s just one ‘social media activity’. But only we know how much work goes behind one social media post – like design, and video, and editing, and posting, and monitoring, and all that kind of stuff. I know many people, many organizations have just one person. So I want to take a minute today to talk to you. If you are that person, one person handling multiple things in your organization, I want to give you two tips.

1: Regular Tools Research

#1: Tools Research. I want to share with you one of my practices, which is spending some time researching ‘Tools’. I talk about tools in my book, in chapter 6 of The Connected Church, I talk about how to work with different teams and skillsets and so on. And I do mention tools there. I’m a big tools person. Every week I spend a few minutes researching on new tools. The way I do it is, I’ll have a thought in my mind about one of the challenges I have. For example, let’s say I have a challenge with image designing. So I would go and spend a few minutes every week looking at new tools that could help me make better designs.

That time that you spend on that tools research each week, probably 30 minutes or one hour, is going to save you a ton of time during the week. As one person, as a one-man-army I think, “What I have as tools in my pocket is going to help me a lot”. That’s what you should think about and say, “What tools can help me be more efficient.” That’s one thing I want to talk to you about.

2: Expansion Planning with workflows & systems

#2: Expansion Planning. When you put systems and processes in place, always keep expansion in mind. It’s helpful in two ways. One is it’s a faith step. Even though you’re a one person, you are starting to put systems and processes for when you expand. Because if you do a good job, naturally, you are going to get more budgets from your organization and you’re going to expand your team. And at THAT time, you don’t want to start thinking about these. So spend a little bit of time, maybe once a month or twice a month, thinking about how does it look when you have another person helping you. Or do you need help in certain areas from an agency or a consultant or a vendor or somebody like that.

Think about that – expansion plans. You may not do that right now. You may not have the budgets or the time or the plans to do it right now. But thinking about that and planning for it will help you approach your work in a particular way. For example, the way you post, you will post differently if you think somebody else is going to take over from you in the next six months.

Those are the two practical things I wanted to share with you. I hope that was useful. I’ll see you next week with another thought from the book. God bless you. Let me know if you have any questions or further thoughts on this. Until then stay connected, stay blessed. God bless you. Bye.

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