Welcome to this week’s edition of the #AskNatchi show. We have a question today about live streaming of church services. The question says, “Should we use YouTube or Facebook, to live stream our church services?”

That is a great question. Facebook and YouTube are two of the biggest platforms when it comes to live streaming. And I want to ask you one question before I answer that, “Are you an established ministry already on social media? Or are you just starting your social media ministry?” Irrespective of how big your ministry is in the offline world, the question that I’m asking you is related to digital and social media. How long have you been doing it? Because the answer to this question depends on that.

#1 For a digitally established ministry: First, if you’re a ministry that is already established on social media and you have a following, you have been doing this for quite some time, then I would say go with the channel where you get most engagement, where you have most followers, then go for that channel. Suppose you have more followers on Facebook, not on YouTube, and if you’re thinking whether I should stream on one of these, and you only want to do on one, (I mean, ideally you want to do on both) but going by your question looks like you want to do it (LIVE) only on one of these channels, then I would say if you have more following on Facebook, then go for Facebook. If you’ve more following on YouTube and engagement more on YouTube, than go for YouTube, that is the first part.

#2 For a ministry just starting with digital: But if you’re a ministry that is starting out, here’s my suggestion. Go with YouTube, specifically with respect to live stream. If you want to choose one, then go with YouTube. I’ll tell you why. Simply because first of all, YouTube is much easy to process ‘after’ the live stream is over. For example, when you create a live stream, the experience of creating a live stream is almost the same with Facebook and YouTube. But after you create the live stream on YouTube, the video gets saved automatically.

You can trim and do a little bit of correction even after that, but the video gets saved automatically. And guess what, as a ministry that’s just starting out, I’m also assuming you don’t have many resources, much of resources and people to help you, so that way you do the live stream, you do a little bit of trimming, make it look good, give a good title, good description, create a good thumbnail, put it on YouTube, then you’ve got the link without doing much of a job. You’ve got a YouTube link. Now, pick up that link, and send that link out to people on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and SMS and whatever else you have. Just send that link out. That way, just after doing the live stream and a little bit of work, you are ready to start spreading your message to wider audience.

In this time of shutdown, in this time of coronavirus outbreak, where people are inside, you don’t have many employees, you don’t have many resources at your hand, YouTube streaming is a great way to do that. But on Facebook, once you do live, it’s great if you have a following, but if you don’t, then after that taking that (LIVE stream) and spreading that message outside Facebook is not that easy. It’s not as easy as YouTube. And YouTube is also a search engine. Therefore your video has a high chance of discoverability. So I would recommend if you’re a new ministry, I would highly recommend looking at YouTube as a first option for live streaming, if you have to make that choice.

Otherwise, stream on as many platforms as you can. Hope that helps. God bless you. I’ll see you next week with another question. Bye.

If you have any questions, do send it to me. (I keep forgetting to say that). But if you guys have any questions for me like this, specifically with respect to social media and digital world, send it to me. I will be happy to answer that. God bless you. Bye. Stay connected. Stay blessed. Stay safe.

If you have any questions on digital social media, leave a comment and ask us. Or email me podcast@natchilazarus.com. God bless you. Bye.

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