The question I have today is about confidence on social media. The actual question is: “I look at all the influencers and realize that I’m not like them. What chance do I have on social media?”

Well, my friend, I want to tell you most of the influencers started out just like you.

And I want to touch on your own sentence that says, “I’m not like them”.

Exactly! You’re NOT like them!

That is the one BIG reason that you will win on social media. That is the one reason that I will go ahead and accomplish all that God has called me to do on social media. Because we are NOT like each other.

I look up to a lot of influencers, people who have a thousand times more following than I have. Who have bigger influence than I have.

But I don’t look at them and say, “Whoa, I’m never going to be like them”, because I know I’m never going to be like them.

And you know what? I also know they are never going to be like ME.

I am different. They are different. We are not in a competition. They do what they do. I do what I do. Because God has called them to do what He has called them to do. And He has given me the gifts and talents and abilities for me to do what I have to do for my audience.

So here is my answer to your question: You are unique and that is simply the reason that you will win on social media.

Here is what you could do.

  1. Define your niche.
  2. Define your audience. And say, “These are the people I’m going to serve”. Spend time understanding them.
  3. Create content for them in your own unique way.

Look up to the influencers, see what they’re doing, learn from them, but adapt it to your own style of delivery. You may say the same thing, but the way you say it is unique.

Think about what your audience wants and try to come up with content for your audience and keep doing that on a consistent basis and you will influence people.

There are different types of influencers. Even if you influence a 100 people, that is a huge influence.

Somebody came up to me and said, “I only have a 1000 followers. But this guy has a 100,000 followers”.

I said, “Do you know what 1000 followers mean? A 1000 followers? Just imagine 1000 people sitting in a room! That is a mega conference, right? That’s a huge conference. 1000 people. Now that is what you have on social media. Of course, they’re not sitting in a room, but those are the people you have potential to influence. Imagine influencing 1000 people’s minds. That is not a joke. Of course the other guy has more, but you have equal responsibility to be a good influence on people”.

So, what I’m saying is, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t put yourself down. Don’t look at your follower numbers or what you’re capable of. And specifically to your question, if you are looking at influencers and thinking they have the charisma, they have the ability to speak or the looks or whatever else you’re thinking.

STOP all that.

You are unique, and do it in your own style. Reach your own audience. And you will be impactful and influential.

I hope you will accomplish all that God has called you to do. God has created each one of us with a uniqueness and that is our biggest strength. So go ahead and do it on social media.

I know you can do it. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know and I will be happy to assist you.

If you have any thoughts, feedback or more questions on this question, let me know. Email, comments or DM me on social media.

Stay connected. Stay curious. Stay blessed.

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