During conflict resolution in our workplaces, we usually pay a lot of attention to the cause – the ‘thing that causes the conflict’, whether it’s an idea or an approach or a strategy.

But that is not the most effective approach to conflict resolution.

A conflict is more about the people than about the problem.

In my experience as a manager in the corporate world, and as an entrepreneur, I have seen conflicts resolve themselves quickly and smoothly, whenever I focussed more on the people than on the problem.

That is why I say LOVE is the greatest conflict resolution strategy.

Love is not just a feeling. It’s not just an emotion. It is not just an action..

Love is a state of existence.

You need to walk in love. You need to walk with love. Love needs to cover you on the outside, and fill you on the inside. Thank it will start working for you. And put you in a winning position when it comes to conflict resolution.

Don’t worry about how to make it happen. Your relationship with God will make it happen. You dont have to try too hard.

When God fills your heart, love fills your heart. Because God is love.

So, when God covers you, love covers you. And you start existing In a state of love. It is as simple as that.

And in the state of love, the way you resolve conflicts will be totally different. You will approach it differently. You will look at it differently. You will try to solve it differently.

Love will make your see the other person’s point of view clearly, putting yourself in their shoes. Love will help you do the right thing. Love will help you be fair. Love will help you sacrifice if you have to.

Now you know why Jesus says “LOVE the lord” and “LOVE your neighbour” are the two greatest commandments?

With LOVE you can accomplish great things in life.

LOVE is the greatest conflict resolution strategy. Try it!  

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