That is a very valid question. When you think about coming up with content on a weekly basis, it’s not a joke. You need to think through it. It has to be original. It has to be valuable for your audience.

So how do you generate content like that on a consistent basis?

The Secret

The secret to coming up with good, valuable, sharable, original content on a consistent basis is: ‘the understanding that you have, about your audience’.

Yes, the more you understand your audience, the better the content you will come up with.

So, the question you should really be asking is, “How well do I understand my audience?”.

The answer to that question will give you the answer to this question, “What kind of content ideas can I come up with?”

Your audience have questions, right? Whether you’re a Nonprofit or a Church or Ministry, your audience are going through certain things in their life. They have questions, they want to know the answers, they want solutions to their problems.

So ask yourself what is it that they are looking for, and how can I as an organization meet that need?

As you think about that, as you spend time with your audience, understanding them and really knowing who they are, then I don’t see why you will have any dearth of ideas for content.

If you have any thoughts, feedback or more questions on this question, let me know. Email, comments or DM me. I will be happy to hear from you.

Stay connected. Stay curious. Stay blessed.

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