Hello and welcome to the #AskNatchi show. This is the show where we answer your digital and social media related questions. The question we have today is about live streaming of a church service. The question says, “We are a church and we like to stream all our services and our meetings. What is your suggestion when it comes to platforms? Should we be streaming on multiple platforms?”

Well, my answer is: “You don’t have to be streaming on multiple platforms”. You can choose some of the top platforms like Facebook and YouTube and you can stream on them. Or you can just choose even one platform and stream on it.

And let your audience know that this is where you’re going to stream, so that everybody comes there. In fact, you know what, in some cases, in certain smaller ministries, I have seen that using just one channel is operationally efficient. And it’s also helpful for the audience because they know where to go. They don’t have to open everything. They know that if they open YouTube, that’s where the LIVE Stream is going to be, they’re not confused.

But of course streaming on multiple channels has its own advantage. So if you are capable, if your infrastructure is capable of taking that kind of load, then go for multiple channels. Because there the benefit is: some people prefer some platforms.

For example, if you choose to stream only on YouTube, somebody might be out there who doesn’t have a YouTube account, very rare, but there maybe some of them. Maybe they’re comfortable with Facebook. You might want to also include them. So go for Facebook. And there are other reasons that each channel brings onto the table. If you’re capable, I would recommend definitely go for multiple channels.

But think about 2 things with respect to infrastructure. Because live stream requires 2 foundational infrastructures. Other than the bells and whistles, the 2 basic things that you need to have are:
1. Good Internet Bandwidth
2. Good Hardware / Software Infrastructure.

Which means you need a solid computer that can take.. with a lot of memory, that can take the load of pushing the stream into multiple channels. You need software that will support that.

You also need internet. The most important thing. Because now there seems to be internet sharing with people all over the world. People are at home and most of the time they’re using the internet.

For example, if you’re a church in a particular locality, where you shared your internet with 100 people. Earlier, those 100 people spent maybe few hours on the internet. But now all those 100 people are at home, and most of the time they are on the internet. So they are sharing more of your bandwidth… with your church.

Which means you’re going to get reduced bandwidth if you are on a shared plan. Or you might need leased line. So generally there is a bandwidth crisis, sort of a crisis going on around the world. So check if you have enough bandwidth to push the stream. Because you don’t want to be on multiple platforms and your stream not looking good because your internet is choppy. Otherwise the stream gets cut and people have bad experience. You don’t want that. So even if you stick to one channel try to give excellent quality. Tell people this is where you are and that’s perfectly fine.

There you have it. That’s my answer. Both are possible, but if your infrastructure doesn’t support, there’s nothing wrong in going with just one channel. Go for it, if that’s what it is. If you have further thoughts or questions on this topic, do send it to me, I’m very happy to answer them.

Any of you listening to me, if you have any questions in the digital and social media, do send it to us and we’ll answer them for you in this show. God bless you. Take care.

I hope that was helpful. Anyone who’s watching this, if you have any questions related to digital or social media, do send it to me. I’d be happy to answer them. Have a blessed day. Stay connected. Stay blessed and stay safe.

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