Hello and welcome to the #AskNatchi show. I’m Natchi Lazarus. Today we have a question about WhatsApp. The question is specifically about having a WhatsApp button on your Facebook Page. Have you ever seen Facebook Pages where there is a cover image, and then below the cover image, there’s a button? Usually people have, ‘Subscribe’ or something like that… ‘Contact us’. You can have a ‘WhatsApp’ button. People can click on that WhatsApp button and get in touch with you on WhatsApp. That would be useful, right? So the ministry wants to know how to do that.

So here it is: it’s a very simple procedure. First you need to connect your WhatsApp number with your Facebook page. To do that, there are three steps. Simple steps.

Go to your Facebook page settings, and on the left side that are many menus or tabs, look for ‘WhatsApp’ tab. And then click on that.

And the second step, you have to just enter your WhatsApp number and your country code and click on ‘Send code’. Yeah, the button will say ‘Send code’ because Facebook wants to verify your WhatsApp number. So they’ll send you a verification code. Click on the ‘Send code’ button. The moment you do that, you will get a verification code on your WhatsApp number.

Take that code, come back, step number three, put that code in and verify your number. That’s it. You have connected your WhatsApp number with your Facebook page and the moment you do that, you will see an option right below that says, now ‘Have a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page’ and you click that. Boom, you’re all set! That’s it.

How simple was that? Right? So go ahead and do it. Because I love connecting various social media channels. It’s always a good idea to do that because different people use different channels. People who use WhatsApp may never use Facebook, or people who use Facebook may never use WhatsApp. So when people come to either of the channels, if they are linked and they work together nicely, then it helps you not to lose an audience. When people come to your Facebook page, they see a WhatsApp button and they say, “Oh, I use WhatsApp a lot…” which a lot of people do, right? Millions of people around the world use WhatsApp, so they click on the button and they connect with you.

There you go. I hope that was useful. If you have any questions, do send it to me. I’ll be happy to answer your digital and social media questions. I’ll see you next week with another answer to another question. Until then, you stay connected, stay blessed and stay safe. Take care. God bless. Bye.

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