Hello and welcome to the #AskNatchi show.

Today we have a question about being yourself on social media.

The actual question is: “Can I be myself on social media and say whatever I want? Is that a good strategy?”

Well, there are 2 parts to that question, which I want to address.

1. One is: “Can I be myself on social media?”

Absolutely. You can be yourself. In fact, you should be yourself on social media. Just however you are, whatever way in which you’re wired, you’re structured, you were formed, just be that person on social media. You don’t have to fake anything. You don’t have to try to be somebody else. You can be yourself on social media. But… Hold on, I want to come to the second part of the question.

2. “Can I be myself on social media… And say whatever I want on social media?”

Being yourself does not mean saying whatever you want. There is a big difference.

Let me explain a little bit.

Social media is a place where you come and you do certain things. Different people are on this platform for different objectives, right? You as a leader of nonprofits, church or ministry, you are trying to help people through your organization. Or if you are a general audience, you’re just spending time on social media to connect with people. That’s also fine. We are all on social media for a specific objective.

So what you say on social media depends on that objective.

You cannot say whatever you want on social media. That is the problem today. People just get on and in the name of ‘authenticity’, in the name of ‘being yourself’, they just go about airing their opinion freely without respecting others, without knowing that words have the power to build and to destroy, words have the power to help and to serve, at the same time make people miserable or destroy their confidence.

There are many ways you can use social media and one of the ways is not… definitely one of the ways you should not be using social media is to say things that destroy people.

Use social media for good, as much as you can and be yourself while you do that. But filter your content with this very simple filtering mechanism.

Are you doing this out of LOVE? Love is a very important filter. It’s a strategy. I always call love as a strategy.

And when you say something on social media, filter it through that filter and ask yourself

  • Is this going to build somebody?
  • Is this good to help somebody?
  • It is going to serve somebody?
  • Does this have an alignment to my objective and purpose?”

And if you say “Yes” to all of this or any of this, then by all means go ahead and say it.

But otherwise, just don’t.

Be yourself, but filter your content. That would be my advice.

Well, thank you for spending your time with me.

If you have any questions, send it across to me and we will answer them for you.

Stay connected. Stay blessed.

God bless you. Bye.

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