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This week our question is about whether to hire a social media agency or build an internal social media team. The actual question is: “Should we build our own internal social media team or should we hire an agency?”

You could do both depending on which phase of growth your organization is in.

If you are starting out, I would suggest you first have a minimum of one coordinator in your team. For social media, even if you have an agency or if you work with others, you need a coordinator.

You need somebody within the organization. Now, that could be you. If you say, I’m a very small organization then you play that role. But if you’re slightly bigger, then you allocate that responsibility to somebody. So you need one coordinator, that’s important.

But the rest of the things that you need to do on social media, like social media has multiple things that you need to do, right?

  • You need to create content.
  • You need to post it.
  • You need to monitor conversations
  • You need to measure it.

So the question is, along with the coordinator, do you need a team to do these functions? Or, do you need an agency to do these functions?

You just look at your size and the amount of work that these functions & the amount of time these functions need, and if your coordinator has the time, then go ahead and do it or add a couple of people in your team.

But if it gets bigger, then go for an agency.

Here are my thoughts and philosophy on hiring people to do things. I am all for getting experts to do what they specialize in, even when I can do it myself.

For example, I can do video editing. In fact, I love doing video editing. I just love doing all those little things or the layers, animations and things like that. I know a couple of software that I can work with and I love it. But guess what? I don’t do it. I get somebody to do it. I have an agency that helps me. Sometimes my team does it. So why do I get somebody to do it? Because they specialize in it. That is what they focus on. That’s what their complete gifting is. Whereas mine is in some other place, right? So I’m going to focus on what my gifting is and what my specialization is while getting people to do other things, even though I can do it.

So the question is to weigh on what is, where is your time best spent in? If you have a big enough team and a budget and ability and capacity, then, by all means, go ahead and do it yourself.

But if you want to get a specialist, then that is also a good way to go. And many times in social media, it’s good to go with specialists because they have done this year after year, things change very fast.

They may have some capacities that your team might lack or might take time building those capacities.

So that is how you weigh it and that is how you make that choice.

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