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This week we have a question from a nonprofit leader about social media. The actual question is: “We as a nonprofit have never really been good at promoting or marketing what we do. Where can we start?”

The way you’ve structured that question, I want to answer it in 2 parts. You can start with 2 things.

1. One, you can start with the way your organization is thinking about social media. Because when I look at this question, it says, “we’ve never really been good at promoting or marketing ourselves”.

I’m so glad that you’ve come out of that thinking and you’re saying, “I want to start, let me know how to do this.” But I also want to take a minute to speak to other nonprofits who are not yet thinking like you.

Many nonprofits think that marketing is a bad word and promotion is not holy. Ministries think like that. Churches think like that.

The moment I go and sit with leaders and I say, “What are we going to do for next month promotions?” they just think, “Who is this guy? He’s always thinking about promoting something, or marketing something”.

It’s not bad. Let me give you my definition of marketing. I love marketing because of the way I think about marketing. Marketing is simply this: It is a good service or a product or a message being introduced to the right audience. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

It is the art of connecting something good with the right audience, whether it is a product or a service or a message or whatever it is. You connect the good thing with the right audience. That’s what marketing is all about.

So without marketing, the right audience will never get to meet what is good for them at that point in their life. People need stuff and when they’re looking for stuff, it’s marketing that actually helps them. So that is how I look at marketing. That’s how I was taught to look at marketing.

I had some of the best professors in our college where I studied and I’ve read and I learned from some of the best mentors in marketing. And this is how I look at it.

As a nonprofit, you have to start thinking about social media promotion, online marketing as a good thing because you’re doing something good, right?

You have a good message. You are helping people in a good way and more people need to know about what you do so that more people can benefit from what you do. So don’t hold back on promoting yourself, don’t hold back on telling people what you do. Just come forth with it, be aggressive about it.

There’s nothing wrong with being aggressive as a nonprofit and promoting what you do. In fact, you should be more aggressive than commercial organizations because you doing it for literally touching the lives of people in a very powerful way. That’s the first part of the question. Start with your head and think about marketing and promotion in a different way. Embrace it. So that’s where you can start.

2. The second thing practically where you can start is, by creating a roadmap or a plan or a blueprint for you.

I recommend you start with spending a few days brainstorming with your team, get a consultant to help you or even someone you know, a mentor, who could come in and just help you brainstorm what you want to do on social media. Start with that.

I usually spend 2 weeks with people helping them come up with some kind of a plan. And then what I suggest is creating a calendar or a plan for 15 months. That is a good time because it gives you a couple of months to prepare and then about a year to actually execute things.

Create a 15-month calendar or a plan, and then get going with that. There are lots of books that are available, lots of resources, courses, lots of stuff in the market that you can start with.

I hope that helps. Thank you for spending your time with me today.

I hope this was useful. And if you find this useful, share this with others who may also have similar questions, people from nonprofits and church and ministry domain.

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I’ll see you next week. Have a wonderful week ahead. God bless you.

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