Absolutely, Yes!

If you have the budget, and if you’re able to allocate the funds to advertise, then by all means, I highly recommend that you go ahead and advertise on social media.

Reason 1: Better Targeting

In advertising you will be able to target your audience with a laser focus. You can define your audience very clearly when you’re doing an advertisement and when you’re doing paid ads, you will be able to select the exact people who need to see your ads.

Thereby your (ROI) Return on Investment is much, much higher than just releasing an organic post and hoping that the right audience will look at it.

Reason 2: Wider Reach

The days of organic reach is over. Especially on platforms like Facebook.

Facebook founder himself came out last year in 2018 and said the days of organic reach is over. So if you like to widen your reach, paid advertising is the way to go. As a ministry, isn’t that what we all want to do? Reach more people?

Reason 3: Better User Experience

The third reason that you need to consider advertising is, it can also help you give a better experience to your audience.

For example: imagine your ministry is a nonprofit that is trying to reach a particular group of people who are passionate about a topic or a cause. If you use paid advertising, you can reach your audience at the exact moment they are open to connecting with you.

They might look at your ad just when they’re thinking, “Oh, how do I support a cause like this?” Wouldn’t that be a great experience for them?

And most social media channels are able to target people in that kind of a specific way.

So that way, they have a need and you have something that you’re offering, and both meet at a common point at the exact same time that you both are ready. Now that is possible only through advertising. It’s not possible through regular organic posts.

Those are the top 3 reasons. There are many other reasons why you should consider advertising on social media. So, an absolute, “Yes!” for that question.

If you have any thoughts, feedback or more questions on this question, let me know. Email, comments or DM me. I will be happy to hear from you.

Stay connected. Stay curious. Stay blessed.

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