We all take the motivation-roller-coaster ride often in our workplaces. One day we are on the top and the next day we drop all the way down. And the ride down is no fun.

How do we sustain our levels of motivation?

Here is what I learned over the years interacting with working professionals and business owners as a consultant – motivation that comes from within is more sustainable than motivation that is superficial.

That is why motivation that comes from designation, power, salary, profit, promotion, etc., is short lived. Those are the superficial external motivating factors.

Whereas purpose and your understanding of your God-given calling are internal.

Purpose can be a powerful motivator that can sustain you for a longer duration, even decades.

Once you understand why you do what you do. If you know your God-given purpose for this season, then sustaining your motivation levels should not be a problem.

You wake up every day knowing that what you do is part of the great plan that God has for you, and every action you do is a piece of that great puzzle, which will reveal itself in the end.

Eternal perspective and your sense of divine-calling can elevate your motivation to excel, and sustain it. Give it a try.

If you have any thoughts, feedback or more questions on this topic, let me know. Email, comments or DM me. I will be happy to hear from you.

Stay connected. Stay curious. Stay blessed.

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