Today, we have a question about Facebook groups.

The question says, “My Facebook group is very quiet. How do I get people to talk?”

Well, let me answer that with another question. How do you get people to talk when you are sitting in a room with them?

Just imagine your Facebook group community members sitting in a room with you, and just imagine that nobody’s talking. They’re just sitting. It’s a quiet room full of people.

What would you tell them? How would you start a conversation? Think about that.

Well, you would ask questions, right? And, probably you’ll ask somebody to introduce themselves or you will have some kind of an icebreaker or you will have your own stories to tell, that resonates with people. Or you will start some kind of appreciation conversation for people. Or you will say, “okay, today let’s talk about something very interesting”.

As a host, you would try to start a conversation using some of these techniques, right?

Well, that is exactly how you should approach Facebook groups.

As an admin, as a person who’s running the group, you can use any of these techniques, all of these or a combination of these, to start your conversations. Each of these could be a Facebook group post.

Simply start by thinking of it as an in-person group. That’s the best way to go about it.

If you have any questions on digital social media, leave a comment and ask us. Or email me podcast @ natchilazarus . com. God bless you. Bye.

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