Today’s question is about a desktop tool for managing Instagram accounts. The question says, “Is there a good desktop tool that lets me manage both my Facebook page and Instagram accounts on my desktop?”


There is a tool that is provided by Facebook itself called Creator Studio. While you can get other third-party tools, which will help you manage multiple Facebook pages and Instagram accounts on your desktop, I highly recommend you check out ‘Creator Studio’ before you buy any other software.

Because Creator Studio is free.

It comes as part of your Facebook tools. And it comes along with your Facebook page.

If you go to your settings on your Facebook page, at the top you will see the link for Creator Studio. Click on that and it’ll open up a new tool, a completely different layout, which will give you various options to manage multiple Facebook pages and multiple Instagram accounts.

If you go to the ‘Inbox’ menu on the Creator Studio, you will be able to look at all the comments and engagements for your posts on your Facebook page and your Instagram account. It’s a fantastic tool.

I use it more and more these days as I get used to it. It’s a great tool and Facebook has been putting a lot of work behind it.

So do check it out before you buy any other tool to manage your Instagram comments on the desktop

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