Hello and welcome to the #AskNatchi show with me Natchi Lazarus. This week we have a question about “Topic or content theme, when creating content for social media”. The question says: “We are a ministry that is creating content regularly. What topic should we focused on. Or what content theme to focus on? Is there a way or tips to find what works?”

That is such a fantastic question. From your question, I understand that you are thinking deeply about your content calendar and your upcoming content for the days to come, which is a very healthy trend because the more you plan for your content, the more successful you will be on social media. Okay, now let me come to the answer.

Content topic or theme is closely connected to your audience and the needs that they have. The audience needs, or the audience mindset is closely connected to the topic or the content that you will create. It is also connected to your ministry objectives. That is the second most important thing. It has to be connected to your ministry objectives as well. #1 Your Audience Mindset. #2 Your Ministry Objectives. And then there are many other little factors, but these two are the major factors that you need to think through when it comes to content themes or topics.

I will give you an example, right now we are in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak and shutdowns and isolation all over the world. So what do you think is going on in the mind of most audience of nonprofits, churches and ministries? It’s fear, right? People are afraid. There is a sense of fear inside their heart.

What is going to happen? What’s gonna happen in the future? Am I okay? Is my family okay? You know, all those type of fearful thoughts. So one of the themes that could really, really work at this time is encouragement, hope, faith, giving people that strength to move forward and to hold on, from God’s word or any other resources that you want to use to build that faith in the hearts of people.

That is a great example, and it also has to be connected to your ministry objectives, which is obviously to help and serve people. In some way, you can loop it back to some of the campaigns that you’ve got going for your ministry. I hope that answers your question. If you, any of you who are watching, if you have questions related to social media and digital in a time like this do send it to me. I’ll be very happy to answer them for you. Have a great day. God bless you. Bye.

If you have any questions on digital social media, leave a comment and ask us. Or email me podcast@natchilazarus.com. God bless you. Bye.

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