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This news is from Apple.

Our final news of this week is about Apple, and the upcoming changes that are coming to iPhone’s privacy settings. This is about a feature called IDFA, which is basically a tracking ID inside all phones.

Source: CNBC

Now Apple is saying when people switch on a particular app, it is going to start popping up prompts that tells the user how their activity is being tracked, and they get more control over saying whether they want to be tracked or not. Now, companies like Facebook and Snap are all concerned about this. Facebook has actually been releasing ads and you might have seen pop-ups on various (areas of Facebook like) Business Manager, saying this is going to impact advertising and therefore it’s going to impact businesses and organization’s reach. So it’s a very interesting conversation, and a very interesting topic on how this is going to change the landscape (of advertising).

And it also brings you and me to the question, as churches and ministries, as to how do we reach people in the days to come? And how do we use advertising? And what is privacy? How do we balance privacy and reaching more people?

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