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This news is from Android.

Android 11 was released. This is a much anticipated version because it was delayed due to Covid and there were lots of testing going on with this version.

Android 11 is Released with a Big Focus on Private Messaging and Connectivity

Source: Android

This version focuses mainly on two things. One is, bringing messaging together. That is why I wanted to highlight this to you, because this is a trend that you, as a nonprofit or ministry need to note, because when companies like Google and Apple, which are dominating the market with devices and they basically cater to the needs of the people, when they come out with new features in their operating system, it shows what people are going to be doing in the days to come.

Two things I want you to note in this news. One is the messaging aspect. Android 11 is bringing all the notification from various messaging apps into one place, which means private messaging, like we’ve been talking earlier, is going to become a big thing in the Android space. You can check all your messaging notifications in one place and reply to them seamlessly. It’s going to become very quick. The second is, it’s connectivity with connected devices like Android Auto is getting wireless connectivity, smart speakers, etc., so this is a second big trend that you see with Android 11. And it’s being rolled out in various devices, including OnePlus, Xiaomi and other devices. Do check out this news item.

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