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This news is from Amazon.

Our first big news of this week is from Amazon. September seems to be the month of new releases and launches. Following Apple, Google, and Samsung, now Amazon has released its own set of products, updated & upgraded electronic products and software, including echo speakers, and cams, and routers, etc.

Amazon releases new devices including a drone with indoor camera for home

Source: Amazon

We will link to all the release details in the show notes. Do check it out. But the one product that really caught my attention is the ‘Ring Camera’. There is a new camera from Amazon’s company called Ring, which is called ‘Always Home Camera’. That is a drone – a small drone that flies inside your house. It will have a preset path. So from its base, when you pick up your phone… let us say you are outside home, if you want to watch what’s happening inside the house… suppose you leave your door open or something like that, then you can switch on this drone and the drone will fly inside your house. It will go from room to room and kind of show you, in a preset path, what’s happening inside. A fascinating sci-fi kind of thing. But it’s a trend that that might impact cameras in the days to come. Do check it out.

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