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This news is from Adobe.
It is about a trend report that they have released on 2020 shopping. 

Source: Adobe

Actually, this is a real-time trend report. The reason I wanted to bring this to your notice is: it gives out interesting statistics and insights into consumer behavior. And this could be important insights that help us understand the way our audience behave in the online world. And we can tweak our strategies, digital strategies that we use to minister to them to reach out to them, to serve them and to help them as a nonprofit or a ministry.

The report also says that this Black Friday that went by, was the 2nd largest online Black Friday in the history of the U.S. In one day, there were $9 billion of sale that came online. It’s very interesting to see how people are shifting their patterns and their behavior. And this is a real-time tracking from retailers, Adobe was doing a real-time tracking. Do check out this report and see if you can get some glimpses and insights from the report that could be useful for your ministry.

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