AdelaideThe ‘HI Experience’ is a series of ‘samples’ of the Haggai training curriculum, conducted in various cities across Australia for the purpose of equipping people in their faith journey.

On 22nd June 2013, the Haggai Australia Team decided to take the HI Experience to Adelaide. It was my first time in Adelaide. I loved the city. It was very different from the other Australian cities, it was quiet, it was cold, the airport was very close to the CBD and the people were friendly. We had lunch with 3 wonderful couple who were sincere and committed about changing their city and impacting it.

The session was about ‘Work’ principles and I shared God’s principles on work. People listened eagerly, they loved to see the impact of God’s word on their city and some said, “Next time we should bring more friend and family”. We returned with a sense of fulfilment and a sense that we had started something in Adelaide that will surely produce fruit, short-term or long-term.

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