About Me

Natchi Lazarus

I am a Marketing Specialist. I help Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs, Churches and Ministries use social media and digital strategies to reach their audience and create an impact in the lives of people they are called to serve.


I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur.

I believe that internet, technology and social media have the power to transform our society for good, and can help us solve seemingly impossible global problems if we know how to use and deploy them.


I have been an adventurous explorer in the entrepreneurial seas for more than 15 years now; discovering new islands, deep sea diving and learning how to navigate rough seas in various markets. I am continuing to learn, enjoy the sail, fulfil my calling and move towards my God-given purpose, while serving and helping as many individuals and organisations as possible.

Its been quite a journey so far and I look forward to the next 15 years!

Work Life

I started off as a B-School student intern in Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency, laying the foundations for my marketing career.
Before my entrepreneurial ventures, I served in management roles of corporate houses like the ICICI Bank, the TATAs and the BAJAJ.
Today, online & social media domain is where I spend most of my time. Apart from being a digital marketing consultant, I am also the cofounder and chief strategist at Open Minds Agency, a social media marketing agency.
My online education ventures include:
– Social Media Tamilan, that provides online education and resources for Tamil-speaking business owners and marketers.
– The Connected Church, an online resource to help churches and faith-based nonprofits use technology and social media to serve their community.

Education & Certifications

– Engineering Graduate (B.E. in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering)
– Masters Degree in Management (M.B.A. in Marketing)
– Post Graduate Diploma in International Business
– Certifications from companies like Google for Analytics and Advertising, Evernote, Hubspot and Hootsuite
– Member of the Social Media Marketing Society (founder member)
– Certified consultant of the LEMON Leadership, a consulting program of The Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact Inc
– Certified as an export marketing professional by the Ministry of SME, Government of India


I am a digital marketing and social media marketing consultant. I specialise in ‘Content Amplification’ services – strategies, workflow and implementation.

I help organisations formulate & implement a practical, actionable, measurable and effective plan to amplify their message using the Internet, technology and social media.

After my corporate career, I have been working as a consultant with clients from various industries including Manufacturing, IT, ITES, Hospitals, Retail, Media houses, TV Channel, Startups, Corporates, Churches, Nonprofits and Governmental agencies from around the world.

Author & Blogger

I am a blogger on various topics. I contribute regularly to Open Minds Agency Blog on digital marketing & social media related topics for businesses. I write on online media trends and techniques for faith-based organisations in The Connected Church Blog. I also write on work and workplace concepts in Word@Work blog.

I authored my first book and published it in March 2017 – The Connected Church, a book on social media communication strategy for churches, nonprofits and individuals in ministry. The book is available as a paperback and as an eBook in online stores worldwide.

Podcast, Radio & TV Program Guest:

I have been a guest speaker in various podcasts like Man in the Pew. I was featured in the radio show ‘Man on the Edge’ in Chennai Live 104.8 fm and have been interviewed by TV Channels like CBN News and Good News Television (Nambikkai TV).

Keynote Speaker:

I am a public speaker. I have addressed corporate teams, government officials, entrepreneurs, business leaders, scholars, students and public audiences in various conferences, seminars & events in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa and India.

I have been a guest faculty in premier educational institutions like IIT, LIBA, CMC, MCC & WCC. I am often invited to speak in seminars and events organised by industry associations like CII, FTAPCCI, JCI, TANSTIA and T-Hub.

I am a faculty of Haggai Institute and I have the privilege of regularly speaking in global events for nonprofits, ministries, faith-based organisations and churches.

I am often asked to speak on the following topics:

1. Digital Marketing, Social Media & Content Marketing:

I specialise in sharing simple, practical and actionable strategies & tools for Businesses, Startups and Non-profits based on my experience, working with various types of clients over the last 15 years. I have spoken in industry conferences, seminars and trade shows on Digital Marketing topics in California, U.S.A., Birmingham, U.K. and India. Some of my popular keynote topics include:

  • Digital Marketing Blue Print for Profitability
  • The Art of Amplification: How to amplify your content and reach your audience
  • Foundational Steps for Online Marketing Success
  • Digital Marketing Toolkit for Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners
  • Getting your team members involved in Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Creating an Optimized Digital Presence that will help you generate sales and increase revenues

2. Faith-based Work & Workplace Success Principles:

I have been teaching work principles and offering work-life coaching for professionals & business owners since 2005. I define work as ‘the expression of God-given gifts & talents in a way that benefits others’. I have been studying & researching ancient principles of work from The Bible for more than 13 years. I believe that working professionals have a good chance of achieving their full potential if they understand & apply these eternal ancient work principles.

3. Debt-Free Living:

As an ex-banker and someone who had to personally overcome a huge family debt situation early on in life, I am passionate about the subject of ‘Debt-free Living’. I regularly speak in public events, seminars, TV shows, podcasts and conferences on this subject and I have encouraged many people to overcome debt by applying sound financial principles.

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