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In today’s bonus section, we are talking about the uncertain climate that exists in this season for our social media industry and the ecosystem as a whole.

Source: Facebook | TechCrunch

It’s been, you know, if you have tracked the news for the last few weeks, which is what we do week on week, you would see that there have been lots of issues related to privacy, first of all. Lots of privacy-related announcements from different channels, and then regulations from governments and organizations. For example, in Australia, Facebook had this big conversation, it was part of this big conversation, which hopefully seems to have been resolved as of this week. There’s some kind of agreement that they’ve come to. And now last week, there was a big announcement from India about regulations, new regulations for social media. So the regulation is the other (second) thing.

The third thing is, the problems that the tech companies, the social media companies have between themselves – Apple releasing something, Facebook not being happy about, and they’re releasing ad campaigns about that. All that goes on and on. It’s not a season or a scenario in which everything is moving forward towards something that is smooth. You as a nonprofit, a church, or a ministry, how do you handle this? How do you wade through all of this in the season? Because we realize that social media is a high potential platform. Right? It’s a platform where people are – millions and millions of people, and it’s continuing to grow.

And it will only continue to grow in the next few years. So what do we do about this? How do we use social media, especially as organizations that serve people, you as leaders of those organizations, how do you look at social media as a tool to help people, ministering to people, serve people, be there as a nonprofit or a church that helps people move forward? How do you do that? I have 3 things that I want to share with you.

No.1 – Focus on your purpose. Focus on what you want to accomplish through social media. Just keep focusing on that and keep moving forward. Forget about all the noise. Don’t think too much about it, because those things will get resolved. These are businesses and they will make sure that these things get resolved. So that’s point number one – keep your focus on your objective and goal, and keep pushing towards it.

No.2 – Focus on your audience. In fact, this is actually more important than the first, where you focus on your audience, keep looking at the audience. If they move channels, you move with them. If they move platforms, you move them. If nobody wants to use WhatsApp and they want to use something else, then you go there. But if people want to keep using WhatsApp, then you be on WhatsApp. So follow the trends based on your audience. Keep looking very closely at what your audience wants and that will actually help you to wade through all this confusion.

No.3 – Always keep your ears close towards the trends and keep watching this space very closely. Because this is, as of now, very volatile. Things can go anyway. New platforms are coming, new stuff is happening, and lots of twists and turns. So be on top of trends. Watch the news very closely, and try to stay, as a leader, on top of this. So that you can make quick, nimble decisions when things happen. That is the input I wanted to share with you today.

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