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I teach and work with Nonprofits, Faith-based Businesses, Churches and Ministries, helping them implement social media strategies, processes, workflows and tools to reach the right audience, amplify the message, engage effectively and accomplish their online mission & digital goals.  


For 15+ years, I have helped clients from various domains around the world, grow and expand their operations, using proven frameworks and tools.


I am the author of The Connected Church, a book on social media for churches and nonprofits. Now available on Amazon stores worldwide.


I have been speaking in conferences, workshops and seminars for more than a decade now, on Digital, Social Media & Faith-based topics.

serving those who serve

(clients worked with, who transform the world for good)


Social media plays a prominent role in our everyday life. If you are a church, nonprofit or a faith-based organisation, this book can help you understand how social media works and lay a strong foundation for your digital ministry. The book outlines a proven communication model and a 6-step practical implementation framework that has helped organisations for the more than 10 years.

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I share tips, trends, techniques, tools and strategies regularly on my blog. I write on topics related to social media, digital marketing and the Bible, in English and தமிழ்.

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